In the Magazine: Even the Greats Ask for Help

Excerpt from the April issue of Heels Down Magazine.

Something struck me as I was interviewing this month’s magnetic cover girl, Laine Ashker: even the big guns in the sport are faced with the uncertainty of knowing if they’re on the right track, training the right way, doing the right thing.

Laine explained that last year, a student’s horse became sour after being placed on stall rest for an injury. The horse would refuse to walk back into his stall and since the horse was injured, she had to be careful about how much pressure she put on him to go in. She said she didn’t hesitate to call her friend Tik Maynard who gave her sage advice on how to resolve the situation. It worked like a charm.

If an international four-star eventer can ask for help the second she’s not sure how to handle something, can’t we all?

One of the horses I’m riding had been giving me a run for my money. He had suddenly become resistant, reluctant to go forward, and the only place in the world he wanted to be was behind my leg. This horse normally has a solid work ethic and is one that I’d put any competent rider on, so I was concerned and confused.

We took films, ran tests, and ruled out physical problems. After weeks of going back to training theory and wracking my brain for possible causes and solutions, I finally reached out to some pros.

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