The March Issue is Here! From Poor to Posh: Minis Get Life Makeover

When professional hunter rider Josh Dolan saw miniature horses in need, while driving to a show, he knew he had to step in. It was the beginning of a journey that changed the fate of hundreds of animals and the riders at Mad Season LLC. Don’t miss the heartwarming story and meet the minis of the Peeps Foundation in the March issue of Heels Down Magazine.

Are horses competing excessively? In a passionate editorial, Olympic groom Max Corcoran questions how much is too much.

Everyone has heard a working student horror story. Is the horse industry eating our young? We take a deep look at the working student arrangement and talk to equestrians on both ends of the spectrum.

Bad distances got you down? Fear not, you’re not alone and we have four-star eventer Sharon White to help you develop your eye and teach you how to see a distance. If you’re moving up in dressage, learn how and when to introduce piaffe/passage without overwhelming or confusing your horse. And improve your horse’s ride-ability with one of Frank Madden’s favorite schooling exercises.

Blogger Hannah Patten of The Patten Standard talks about how to avoid a burnout. We discuss what the right of first refusal means and how you can implement and enforce it in a sales contract. Learn how to bake a unicorn cake, how to deal with when your horse likes your boyfriend more, what it’s like caring for numerous horses, and much more in the March issue of Heels Down Magazine.

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