In the Magazine: Get Your Head in The Game

Excerpt from the March issue of Heels Down Magazine.

High School Musical explained it the right way: get your head in the game!

Let’s be real, though. That is easier said than done. Every athlete, every artist, every anything-you-can-think-of has struggled with being their own worst enemy or sabotaging themselves. But who needs that? You can program your mind to perform with some easy steps and gentle inspiration.

Let Go of Worry

It’s so easy to let worry infiltrate your thoughts, especially when you’re at a competition. See a flapping tarp? Better clamp your legs together to get good ol’ Pony to walk past it without having a meltdown. Think you might forget your course? Obviously, you should obsess over it until it keeps you awake at night.
It’s very easy to start worrying about all the things that could go wrong, no matter how far-fetched they feel or how reasonable they seem. By worrying, you feel like you’re taking care of all of your loose ends… Real talk: you’re not.

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