In the Magazine: Finding Your Purpose

Excerpt from the March issue of Heels Down Magazine.

You’re on your third pair of tall boots, having outgrown each pair before. Sometimes it feels a little like that movie where the 13-year-old girl gets traded into a 30-year-old’s body, doesn’t it? One moment, you’re in your freshman year of high school and the next moment you’re choosing your classes in college.

Growing up often means taking the responsibility to make your own decisions and follow your own dreams. That’s a lot of responsibility! It’s OK not to have all the answers now, but you need to be open to letting new opportunities come your way. Having an open mind that’s free from expectation allows you to search far and wide for the things that will make you happiest.

Colleges should offer a one-credit hour course called “How to Find What You Love to Do 101”. In that course, they’d begin by offering you a syllabus. There’s only one thing on it and it says, “Pay attention to your energy. If it drains you, it is not for you. If it energizes you – follow it to the end of the earth.”

So what energizes you? What makes you feel alive?

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