In the Magazine: True Life: My Horse Likes My Boyfriend More

Excerpt from the March issue of Heels Down Magazine.

There is something to be said for dating a muggle. Sure, they might not know much (or anything) about horses, but I find it refreshing! It can be fun to teach them the basic, and in turn they can open up your world to other interests and hobbies besides horses. I know all horse girls dream of dating a fellow equestrian, but after dating a few, I can safely say that muggles are where it’s at.

Recently, my significant other has taken it upon himself to learn more about horses. It started as a desire to be more useful at horse shows and has now taken on a life of its own. Sometimes I come home to see him watching videos from William Fox-Pitt’s groom discussing her grooming routines, vet box process, and why not to take it personally when the rider feels the need to double check everything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very sweet, but this is uncharted territory for me.

First it was learning to take my horses on walks at horse shows. I warned him that they were very temperamental and difficult to deal with. His solution: stuffing his pockets with treats. At first I laughed, because while all horses love treats, we also know that’s not the answer to bad behavior. I was wrong. Whenever my horses see him, they walk right up to him and not only check his pockets, but also snuggle him and walk quietly alongside him wherever he goes.

Fine, it doesn’t take a genius to learn how to bribe and walk a horse. Next up: learning how to tack up.

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