A brief meeting with… Denis Lynch

Denis Lynch’s plan when he was a little kid wasn’t to live off from being a show jumper, at his childhood he wanted to be a jockey but as he grew older he was too heavy and too tall to dedicate his life to race horses. The Ireland boy learnt to ride at a really young age thanks to his grandfather, but everything he learnt after that, was by his own. To be honest, he chose the right discipline. He won several CSI5* Grand Prix, including Aachen in 2009 with Lantinus. His top horse at the moment is All Star 5, also known as Simba, who has already some big wins under his belly and also a participation on the 2014 World Equestrian Games and two World Cup Finals, ending with a 5th place last year in Göterborg.

Heels Down Mag: What’s your favorite show?

Denis Lynch: I’d say Aachen.

HDM: 3 things your perfect horse should have.

D.L.: A big heart, careful and on top of that, he should be really scopey.

HDM: Do you have any kind of routine before showing? If so, what is it?

D.L.: No, I just try to stay focused. I work the horse on the morning and depending how he’s been –a little fresh – I do grid exercises like canter poles, sometimes it’s just having him focus and relaxed.

HDM: Define your type of riding in 3 words.

D.L.: Uhm… I don’t know maybe good body control, I don’t really know what to answer hahaha.

HDM: What’s your advice for a young rider that is trying to get to the top on this sport?

D.L.: Never give up!

Photo credit: Yasmina Bello Photography 

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