What is Proud Flesh? Presented by Wahl

When a horse sustains a wound, the body will try to fill in the hole quickly. Unfortunately, especially when the wound is big, sometimes the body will fill the wound with the wrong kind of tissue. Dr. Andrew Clarke, principal veterinarian and owner of Cooranbong Animal Hospital explains in his informative video about proud flesh.

“When you’ve got a big, deep wound, the body ends up filling it in with granulation tissue,” he said. “And when it’s very proud, which means it’s sitting out past the skin surface, it’ll slow healing. This is typical of proud flesh. It’s not a tumor, it’s not infected, but it looks really ugly.”

The skin won’t be able to heal over the wound until the proud flesh is either resected or ‘dissolved’ with a topical product like copper sulfate, he explains.


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