In the Magazine: Daddy’s Money

Are you ready for the worst financial and equine joke ever? Here it is: How do you make a million dollars in horses? You start with two!

So why do people do it? It’s for the love of the sport, the love of the horse, and the love of the community of people who are in it with us.

Anyone who has worked in a tack shop will be able to tell you, distinctly, how amazed parents are when their child is new to the sport and they are outfitting the child for the first time. Helmet (be forewarned, it may be pink), gloves with a cute print on them, paddock boots, jods, you know…the works! When it rings in upwards of a few hundred dollars, they’re typically shocked. The cashier might offer a joke about how it only gets worse from there, or she might simply smile and nod that yes, the prices are correct and no, the helmet was not on sale.

Sorry Dad, she’s hooked.

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