In the Magazine: Why Equestrians Don’t Talk About Insecurities

The best bits to use on a sensitive-mouthed horse, the quality of the footing on the cross-country course going down to the second water, that weird smell wafting out of the tack room refrigerator…if you’re a horse person, it’s all normal conversation. When you meet another rider, there’s an immediate comfort level like you could tell them anything and they will understand.

Despite this kinship, we are often reluctant to talk about something that nearly everyone experiences and struggles with: our riding insecurities.

Perhaps you have unwavering confidence and you truly don’t care what others think of your riding and your horse. If this is you, you are fortunate and in the minority. For most of us, even something as small as riding in a group lesson or attending a clinic with an admired instructor can be terrifying.


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