In The Magazine: In Case of Catastrophe, Insure Your Tack

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Nowadays there is insurance for everything when it comes to horses: medical, mortality, loss of use, trainer’s insurance, private horse owner’s insurance, and the list goes on.

Did you know that you can also insure your horse’s equipment?

You can!

Horse equipment is obviously insanely expensive. Add up all that you’ve spent on saddles, bridles, halters, blankets, boots, etc. and I bet you would be surprised (and maybe a bit nauseous) at the grand total.

And, you would be even more nauseous if anything ever happened to your tack. Not every barn has an indoor locked tack room. I was at a barn that didn’t have one, believe it or not, so basically everything was unsecure and could’ve been stolen at any time. Furthermore, what if you’re at a show? My trainer makes it a point to lock all of the tack in our trailer every night, but not everyone does that.

And, there’s also the case of a fire (God forbid). A fire could easily destroy all of your equipment, and then you are out that grand total you came up with when you sat down to see how much you’ve actually spent on your horse’s equipment.

Tack insurance can fix this problem.

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