Sneak Peek: Have Time But No Dime? How To Land A Catch Riding Job

After selling my horse in preparation for college, I was at the mercy of trainers, owners, and friends to continue my passion for riding. For the past seven years, I have neither owned nor leased a horse – yet I ride four to six times a week, including one lesson. It is a sweet situation in that I am not responsible for vet bills, board, shoeing, show fees, trailering, or the cost of feed. I simply show up and ride whichever horse needs exercise or training.

I’m not the only one in this situation, and there are similar opportunities out there. How can someone manage riding so much and paying so little? If you’re looking to invest your time in riding but not your money, approach your search for a catch riding type situation the way you would approach a job search, adhering to the following tips.

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