Get Your Horse Show Diet Back on Track

If you want to feel and perform your best at a horse show, a balanced diet with the right amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) is (as much as we may try to convince ourselves otherwise) important. But the typical horse show grub is more like being a spectator at a baseball game than one of the players; it’s a lot of hamburgers, French fries, and soda.

With a few minutes dedicated to planning ahead, you don’t have to fall prey to the horse show junk food trap. Here are a few snacks to make ahead and throw into your show clothes bag so you can keep your stomach calm and your energy up on the day that it counts most:

Ezekiel Bread PBJs – Ezekiel Bread can be found in the freezer section in most mid-to-high level grocery stores; it’s is becoming pretty popular and can be found more places. It’s super delicious, super healthy, and can be toasted ahead of time to make a mean peanut butter and jelly (getting your carbs, protein and fats all in there) or, my personal favorite, peanut butter banana sandwich.

Frozen blueberries and banana slices – Freeze them overnight and toss in a Ziploc in the morning on hot horse show days. Blueberries are great for muscle recovery, and bananas, of course, have potassium, which your hard-working muscles need.

Larabars – These are made entirely of fruit with no sketchy preservatives or weird fillers that many bars have. The peanut butter cookie flavor is especially tasty.

Nuts and seeds – Most grocery stores are starting to catch onto the bulk food idea, and you can buy several types of nuts and seeds for cheap, and mix them together. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds pack a good energy punch, and almonds, cashews and pecans are a good protein and fat source (fat keeps your brain functioning well, so don’t be afraid of it when it comes from natural sources!).

Go forth and eat right!


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