A brief meeting with… Reed Kessler

Four years ago, Reed Kessler became the youngest show jumper to ever participate in the Olympics. She took part with her very well known mare, Cylana. During these four years, she has taken huge steps in her career as a professional rider, from being Marcus Ehning pupil’s to running her own show barn in The Netherlands with plenty of success.

Like many other young riders, I feel inspired by her. Not only for everything she has accomplished at such at early age but also because she knows her stuff and what’s best for her horse.

Heels Down Magazine: Do you have any susperstitions before showing?

Reed Kessler: I don’t really have susperstitions but I do have routines. I like to get on plenty early, like 15 horses before me, warm up slowly and I don’t like to change or rush my routine, so if you count that as good luck sort of precaution that’s what like to do.

HDM: What’s the best advice that was given to you?

R.K.: I think the best advice someone ever gave to me was to put your horse first. The horses are not tennis rackets, it’s a fifty-fifty percent partnership. You are your horse’s voice.

HDM: What’s your best memory that involves horses?

R.K. : The best memory I have would probably be winning the Olympic Trials. For me I was so young, I went into it thinking I was just a young rider hoping to have a good positive experience and ended up winning. My horse had no experience also, so that was quite special for me, that our partnership was so strong together.

Photo credit: Ana Vilas

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