A brief meeting with… Tiffany Foster

I have to say it, Tiffany Foster is my favorite female rider. Period. Not only she’s a great show jumper, but she’s friendly and nice, and always has a smile on her face. It doesn’t matter if she’s walking the course for a GP or just talking to a fan, you’ll find her laughing and having the best time.

I was lucky enough to meet with her and ask her a few short questions at the CSI4* Casas Novas, in La Coruña (Spain) and as predicted, she was wonderful.

Heels Down Magazine: Do you have any superstition before showing?

Tiffany Foster: Not too many, I like to wear something new is the only thing before it’s a big class, expensive superstition.

HDM: What’s the best advice that was given to you?

T.F: To work hard.

HDM: What’s your best memory that involves horses?

T.F: Ohh… I don’t know… that’s a hard one! My very best? I don’t know, there’s too many good ones. I think any time you go double clear on a Nations Cup it’s really the best.

Photo credit: Ana Vilas

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