Monday #ROOTD – Distressed Tee

As a fashion enthusiast I like to keep track of all of the trends in and outside of the equestrian world. One of the trends I’ve noticed outside of the equestrian world is distressed tee shirts. As an equestrian, I find this trend quite hilarious. We have been rocking it since day one. From my horse’s slobber to getting caught/ripped on a buckle, my horse clothes have seen it all. At the end of the day I emerge from the barn with a shirt looking almost identical to this one. Who knew it would become trendy?!

  1. Topshop Distressed V-Neck Tee
  2. Parlanti Tall Boots
  3. Cartier Vintage Love Bracelet
  4. Tiffany and Co. Heart Tag Necklace
  5. Tailored Sportsman Scaled Down Belt
  6. GPA First Lady
  7. Ghodho Victoria Breeches  
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