Top 6 Picks: Happy Weekend Links!

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For your weekend enjoyment…

  • Whether you’re a dressage rider, an eventer, or just want to tune up your flat skills, this video is definitely worth watching. Excellent tips from some of the discipline’s top riders.
  • Ever wonder how to pet a unicorn? Look no further. This hilarious and very detailed list of pictographs shows how to do so safely.
  • I honestly can’t get enough of this SmartPak series. Ever wonder what it would be like if horses were people?
  • HDM just got some AMAZING monogram decals from Personally Preppy and I already can’t wait to order more. If you haven’t checked out their Etsy shop yet, what are you waiting for?
  • Anyone who follows showjumping even remotely will have heard of Noelle Floyd. Watch this awesome interview with her to find out the story of the girl behind the website.
  • I love shopping online, and I’ve found that some of the best deals can be found over in Europe. AND, the items I’ve bought from the UK didn’t cost much at ALL in shipping. So you can imagine my excitement when I found this Equiport Sale Page.



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