Chestnuts: What ARE Those Things Anyway? Presented by Wahl

You may have heard that those scaly, rough patches on the inner sides of your horse’s legs (sometimes called a “night eye”) are the remnants of a second toe that horses lost over time through evolution, and some textbooks claim that they are leftover footpads that migrated over hundreds of years.

Either way, it’s best to prevent them from getting too long or grown out; not only to prevent your horse from looking like he has rhino skin on his legs in the show ring, but also to prevent him from catching a long chestnut on something and ripping the whole thing off at once – ouch!

Maintenance of chestnuts is super easy and there are a few ways to do it.

After a warm, steamy bath, these scaly guys might be soft enough for you to peel off. Peel them off layer by layer, because twisting off the entire thing at once is a little rude to your horse.

If the bath technique doesn’t work, try slathering some Vaseline or baby oil on them and leaving it on for a day.

Then, peel off a little at a time.

You can take a farrier’s rasp and file them down until they are close to flush with the leg and flat. You don’t have to worry about “quicking” your horse’s chestnuts – you won’t!


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