Are You Confused About What’s “Healthy”? Me Too, But Don’t Worry

About two years ago, I became really passionate about learning about nutrition. I started to read books, follow blogs, and watch documentaries. I tried to get my hands on anything that would teach me what it means to eat healthy.

And guess what? I got very confused.

I have bounced from so many different “opinions” about nutrition. The funny thing is, that nutrition is a science, so why are there so many different, contradicting ideas? Plus, I have no desire to be a nutritionist or a doctor. I just wanted to be the healthiest, best person and rider I could be.

I am happy to say I finally came across a resource that has solved most of my nutrition questions, quickly (because most of us want to just get riding!) and I wanted to share it with you all. The website is called is run by a doctor, Michael Greger MD, whose goal is to get the most up-to-date scientific nutrition information into easy to watch (and under five minute) videos. You can browse thousands of topics, or search specific questions you may have like, is coconut oil healthy?

What are some of your nutrition related questions? Let me know how works for you.

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