A Fine Line: Looking Unique Without Looking Tacky

As the equestrian world has become less and less strict in the colors and styles allowed in the ring at shows, there has become a very fine line between classy & unique, and straight up tacky.  Here are some basic ground rules:

1. Spice up your  black or navy dressage coat with a colored collar, or a custom Charles Owen with colored piping.  This still gives the classic look, but with a little bit of individuality.  I love Emily Beshear’s look and how she incorporates her cross country colors into her dressage attire in a tasteful way.

2. Please do not match the yarn color in your horses braids to your cross-country colors(e.g. light blue yarn to braid with). Just don’t.

3. A little bit of crystals looks fabulous on the brow band of the horse, but be careful not to over do the “sparkle” effect.  You may blind the judge.

4. Stick to professional looking cross country attire.  My rule of thumb is  anything I wear on my body can be light blue, but any equipment on my horse should be white or black(for the exception of piping on saddles-love that!).  Brightly colored galloping boots and bell boots just look tacky…unless you are a little 10 year old girl on a pony.  It is always good to look professional.

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