Smart Money: 3 Ways You Can Give Back And Make the Horse World A Better Place

As a child I was taught a classic money saving mechanism: 1/3 for spending, 1/3 for saving, and 1/3 for giving away. I know not most people can afford to give anywhere near a third of their income to charity, so here are some “Smart Money” tips to give thanks to the horse community around us.

Monetary Donations: There are thousands of horse related organizations to donate to. I recommend giving to local charities if you can, because then you have the opportunity to visit in person! Here are some good places to start researching horse/animal retailed charities around you: ASPCA, CANTER, and PATH International. Remember, often, no amount is too small! Just little adjustments, like going without a $3 coffee everyday for a week, you can save $21 to give away.

Clothing/Equipment Donations: If you have riding equipment or apparel that you no longer wear, many horse-related organizations take equipment donations especially around the holidays. This is a great way to give back and also clean up clutter in your life.  We have had riders at our barn set up a donation bin so the whole barn can contribute.

Volunteering: Many of the same organizations you can make donations also have opportunities for volunteering. Volunteering is a great option if you have free time, or want to give back but can’t afford to donate.  Not only are you giving back, but volunteering is also a great way to enhance college applications or a resume.

Are there any organizations you are particularly passionate about?

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