Top 6 Picks: Happy Weekend Links!

Sinead Halpin - photo by Calina

For your weekend enjoyment…

  • Dom & Jimmie Schramm have started an amazing pro-helmet campaign, complete with elite eventers, crushed watermelons, and Dom dressed up as a Guru. If you haven’t already watched and shared this video, get on it!
  • I’m pretty sure every rider has questioned their dedication to this sport at one point or another. Pro-eventer Sinead Halpin wrote about what gets her through her moments of doubt here.
  • SmartPak Sale. ‘Nuff Said.
  • USEF is steaming Devon live All. Weekend. Long. The only valid excuse for not watching is if you also happen to be showing this weekend.
  • If you follow Equitation, you will 100% know the name Jacob Pope. Here he talks with HJU about his transition into show jumping, and life after Maclay.
  • OK so this one isn’t necessarily horse related, but Montreal is opening their first Cat Cafe! I don’t think I need to explain why this is worth reading.

Until Monday, Xo!

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