Smart Money: Buying in Bulk

With horses we tend to go through supplies, and we tend to go through them quickly.  Horses do everything in giant proportions compared to humans. I know for sure my small family of three would probably have never had a Costco membership if we didn’t have horses!  Some of my favorite items to buy in bulk for my horses or the farm are: corn oil, coconut oil, carrots, granola bars (for horse treats!), rubbermaid storage containers, ziplock bags, trash bags, head and shoulders 2-in-1, ivory/dawn soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Here are some tips to getting started on buying in bulk.  Do you have any items for the barn that you get at Costco?

1. Find a wholesale retailer near you, and if there are multiple, research the store that best suits your needs. The two most popular in the US are Sam’s Club and Costco.  Consider how far away the store is from you, if it’s too far you might not be as willing to go.  It’s also a good idea to tag along with a friend who already has a membership to see if the store suits you.

2. Sign up for a membership.  Yes, you cannot experience the joy of buying in bulk without first purchasing a membership.  For example, Costco costs around $50 a year and Sam’s Club is $45.  I currently split a membership with friends, which gave us a lower upfront cost of joining.  However there can only can be one ‘official’ card holder per account, so whoever you decided to put the card in their name must always be present to purchase your items! Keep in mind each member is also only allowed two guests per visit. It could be ideal to plan a Costco trip once every month with two friends and split the cost of membership.

3. Bring a list, and stay organized.  Going to a wholesale store is often overwhelming, especially if you have never been before. Try to bring a friend with you to help you carry your items.  It’s also a good idea to make a list of what you need and stick to it.  It can get exciting to buy things in large quantities to save money, but will you use them? You won’t be saving any money if you buy more of something you don’t use.  And most importantly, make sure everything you buy can fit into your car and be properly stored at home or at the barn.

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