Smart Money: Spare Change?

You know change that heavy, shiny stuff that accumulates everywhere in your life: the bedside table, the laundry room, the cup holder of your car? It’s easy to think of change as more a of a nuisance then what it really is: cold. hard. cash.

Now, you’ve probably had a piggy bank at some point in your life. Who says you needed to outgrow it? Collecting coins is a simple way to clean up your living spaces, create easy decoration, and leads to savings we would have otherwise let go forgotten. My favorite way to collect coins is to use old jars or vases. Next to my front door we have a large vase to drop coins in that you may have on hand. I also keep smaller jars in places like my bedroom and the laundry room for any stray change I find around the house or in my pockets.

Once you’re jars get full find a Coinstar kiosk near you and trade in the coins for real money. I prefer to select the gift card option, because Coinstar takes a large fee in exchanging coins to cash (and after all, every penny counts!) My favorite options are either Starbucks or Amazon (and be sure to read my post for tips about equestrian shopping on Amazon).  How much spare change do you think you have around the house?

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