Horse Food for Riders

All horse people have at some point in time munched on their horse’s snacks, be it carrots, stud muffins or even Cavalor grain (hopefully not the forage bits though).

How about a snack that’s easy to throw together at the barn, or shows, that doesn’t result in picking hay out of your teeth or your horse getting mad that the crinkle of a plastic or aluminum isn’t for them?

I recommend a vanilla yogurt (preferably Greek), with a Nature Valley bar (honey & oats or apple crisp is great but I could see the peanut butter bar being yummy too) and cut up apple. Now here’s the beauty, both the apple and granola bars double as horse treats!

I love this because if you have a fridge at the barn this snack is almost always available! Whether it’s early show mornings while you wait for your horse to eat, or late nights while you polish your tack this is light and refreshing and will give you that extra energy to make it through! And while it’s not a great kale salad it’s more nutritious than munching on your horse’s sugar cubes!

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