#StaffPicksSaturdays: Behind the Scenes with Ada Staley

Welcome to #StaffPicksSaturdays. The next best thing to being at the barn with your friends is reading Heels Down Magazine, now meet the people who make it happen and their favourite articles.

Ada Staley

  • Heels Down Magazine Style Team member and Equestrian Stylist (creator of ROOTDs)

Top pick: My favorite article was the Killer Instincts quiz in the April issue. I love these kind of quizzes and it helped me realize I am major show socialite!

1. Name the best horse/ pony you’ve ever ridden: The best horse I have ever ridden is my current horse, Tai. He is challenging and is teaching me a lot.

2. Favorite food: I can’t live with out my daily bowl of ice cream 😂

3. Best place to ride: I like riding really early in the morning at shows. The arena is less crowded and it is so peaceful to watch the sun rise.

4. Current song obsession: Anything from the Arctic Monkeys.

5.If you didn’t ride horses, what other sport would you be doing? Ballet because I love dancing.

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