Obsessed with FAT STICK

It’s official. I am obsessed with a new line of skincare products. Did you know your skin is your largest organ?

Personally, I have a chronic problem of getting chapped lips in the barn. In winter it’s from harsh, freezing air, in summer it’s from dryness and the sun. I received my first FAT STICK last week in the middle of a terrible chapped lip episode, and they were cured in less than a day.  It smells wonderful (lavender AND peppermint) and is much larger than a typical chapstick so it’s easy to find at the bottom of a bag and (cough) hard to lose. Plus, you can use it on cuticles, rough skin…pretty much anywhere that needs extra love.

Are you sold yet? You can purchase a FAT STICK (and all other FATFACE products) through their website or at Amazon. Don’t worry, they ship internationally!

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