Protect Thy Face

Maybe some of you have been lucky enough to soak up some sun this winter in California, Wellington, Ocala, or Aiken. However, some of us (me) are only just clawing out of winter hibernation. The snow is (almost) melted, and the sun feels like a friend you haven’t seen in six months and you don’t know how to hang out with anymore.

Although I love everything about the sun, summer, and finally being able to ride outside the indoor arena, there are some hidden consequences for your skin. Don’t forget to “protect thy face” and apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher before you head to the barn. If make sure to reapply in the afternoon if you spent the whole day at the barn. Even if you aren’t at the barn, try to apply sunscreen every morning underneath your makeup. Tans are cute. But wrinkles and premature aging are not.

Here’s my favorite barn friendly sunscreen.  Enjoy the rays

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