Christmas gift guide: Equestrian Style

With Thanksgiving a distant memory for us Canadians, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off a lot of holiday shopping for our friends to the south, it’s time to get thinking about Christmas shopping!

For many equestrians, like myself, our lists are filled with horsey items. But for the average gift giver, it can be a daunting task choosing the right item. To help out all of your non-horsey relatives, I’ve put together a top 10 under $20 gift guide! Happy shopping!

Top 10 Under $20

1. Bridle charms: You can’t really go wrong with bridle charms, and they’re super popular right now. Simply head to any tack store and you’re guaranteed to find one that suits the equestrian in your life.
2. Stud Muffins: Horse treats are a no brainer! Not only are they an easy stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift your equestrian will be happy to receive, so will their noble steed!
3. Hot Packs: Anything that involves keeping your rider warm this winter is going to be well received. These are again great stocking stuffer ideas, or something to throw in with their gift. No one likes having cold hands or feet while riding!
4. Socks: It might be just me, but I love socks! Boot socks are just too cute, and you can get basically any design you desire from cupcakes, to Grumpy Cat!
5. Calendars: When I was younger I loved getting a new horsey themed calendar every Christmas. There’s lots of themes to chose from, from Dressage to wild horses, so you’ll have no problem finding a suitable one for the equestrian in your life.
6. Hand lotion: I had a conversation with some girls at my barn the other day, and we all have one thing in common: dry hands! Unfortunately its a hazard that comes with being outside in the freezing cold and just at the barn in general. My suggestion is the new Ecolicious Hands On Lotion for humans.
7. Brushes: This one is a bit trickier, and you might have to get some suggestions if you’re not a horsey person yourself, but I always love getting new grooming brushes. That way I can swap out my old, dirty ones for new ones!
8. Hats/Headbands: If you’re not lucky enough to either live in the south, or winter in Florida (every equestrians dream), then you’ll need something to keep your ears warm on those chilly winter rides! Brands like Kerrits, Joules, etc. have some really cute (and affordable) hats out!
9. Jewellery: It can be hard to find cute accessories to wear to the barn that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, so I recommend either leather bracelets with engraving (sorry, these may go over $20), some cute bit bracelets, or for the pony rider in all of us, the Pony Bestie bracelet from My Barn Child.
10. Scarves: There are a lot of horsey themed/print scarves on the market right now, and they’re super easy to find. I personally love infinity scarves, but Greenhawk has some super cute horse, dog, and zebra print scarves for under $20 too!

Stay tuned for more horsey gift giving ideas!

Photo Credit: Callie Clement

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