Showcase Your Collection in Heels Down Magazine’s 2014 Royal Virtual Fashion Show!

Equestrian fashion brands: Are you looking to promote your latest collection?

Everyone loves shopping at the Royal. Let’s be real, some of us go primarily for the shopping. Heels Down Magazine wants to showcase the best of the latest apparel, so we have decided to put on a virtual fashion show from the the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2014.

We would like to extend the invitation to equestrian apparel companies who will be attending the RAWF, to take part in our 2014 Royal Virtual Fashion Show. What we would need from participating vendors, is an ensemble from your latest collection for one of our rider models to try on for the “virtual runway”. The photo shoot will take place at the Royal Winter Fair, and we will ensure that the apparel is returned immediately after with no harm done. The 2014 Royal Virtual Fashion Show will be featured in an upcoming issue of Heels Down Magazine.

If you are interested in this opportunity to promote your apparel (there is no cost, you simply have to dress the models and lend us the pieces for the photo shoot), please email us  at info(at) The Royal is fast approaching… don’t wait!

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