June Excerpt: When You Rather They Not Leave the Light On For You

As a poor adult ammy, you’ve scrimped and saved, and after 85 years, you’re finally able to go to a horse show. Yay! You’ve accounted for the entry fees, trainer splits, stall, shipping costs for your horse, and all the other little odds and ends you’re going to need. You even saved for a new jacket, because while your wallet hasn’t expanded, your waistline has.

There’s only one problem: You kind of forgot you need somewhere to stay during the show. Somewhere that hopefully isn’t in your horse’s stall, sharing his poop pillow. Lucky for you, you have a few options available. Weigh them carefully.

Behind door number one is camping on the show grounds. The pros are that it’s pretty much free, and you can have like five beers the night before with your friends to drink away your nerves, and then just hop into your tent. Convenient. There are, unfortunately, a million cons.

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