The February Issue Is Here: Lorenzo de Luca, When Nice Guys Finish First

It feels good to root for the “nice guy,” like 30-year-old Lorenzo de Luca. The Italian show jumper may be among the best in the world, but those who know him best say his heart has and always will be in the horses.

All it takes is one fall, one injury, to dismantle a career and bankrupt a business. What happens when a professional can’t ride when riding is their livelihood? We talk to the pros who survived devastating injuries on how they got through it, financially and mentally.

U.S Eventing Performance Director, Erik Duvander, gets real about what’s in store for the sport with the World Equestrian Games just months away.

We’ve all seen the sales horse ads that seem a little too good to be true. What happens when someone misrepresents a horse’s ability? There could be serious legal consequences. We break it down for you.

Just how important is angle when it comes to horses’ hooves? The long and the short of it: it can have a major impact on soundness.

Cloned horses can compete in the Olympic Games, but have they? Science continues to impact breeding, fitness and performance in horses. In this issue, we examine all the factors that contribute to building the better equine athlete.

All this and much more in the February issue of Heels Down Magazine.

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