In the Magazine – Kama Godek: The Problem with Pay to Play

Excerpt from the January 2018 issue of Heels Down Magazine.

International show jumper Kama Godek says that having more than a few pay cards in show jumping is problematic, but many show jumpers are forced to play along.

It started in the U.S. with the milage rule. A rule that national level shows had to be separated by 250 miles (400 km), with exceptions to highly populated areas, like the winter in Florida. I have yet to meet anyone, other than a show organizer, that is in favor of this monopolistic approach to competition.

With fewer shows to choose from, the U.S. organizers were able to lower the quality and increase the costs associated with showing and still receive the entries needed to profit. It was not until recently that there were even FEI shows offered in the U.S. between WEF and the Hampton Classic (that’s four months without FEI). Riders had to go abroad if they wanted world-ranking points, making it hard for U.S. riders to get into shows abroad.

When show organizers started to offer more FEI classes, the costs for competitors soared.

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