In the Magazine: Event Riders Masters Is Changing How the World Views Eventing

Excerpt from the January issue of Heels Down Magazine:

By Caroline Culbertson

Three-day eventing has long taken second billing to other equestrian sports in terms of sponsorship, prize money, and airtime on TV.

But why? The sport, with its speed, grit, power, and unpredictability, is inherently exciting to watch. It’s got horses and riders with larger-than-life personalities and heart-tugging stories. And it’s displayed on the most-watched stage in the world: the Olympic Games.

“I’ve always felt our sport has been in a 1980s/1990s time warp. To me, every aspect of the sport was just stuck,” said Australian four-star eventer Paul Tapner. “It wasn’t progressing, no matter how you looked at it – from an owner’s point of view, a rider’s point of view, a hospitality point of view, a sporting point of view, a televising point of view, a production point of view – it didn’t matter, it seemed to be just stuck.”

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