In the Magazine: The Young Horse Training Timeline

Excerpt from the December 2017 issue of Heels Down Magazine.

By Eiren Crawford

What should a young dressage prospect be working on in his three-, four-, and five-year-old years to springboard a long, successful career? Canadian grand prix dressage rider and head trainer of All Points Dressage in Maryland, Eiren Crawford, explains how young horses should progress through these formative years.

Age: Three

A three year old should be ridden only a few (3-4) times a week and then with lots of breaks. I always do a couple weeks (of work), then give them a couple weeks off. Or do a couple weeks of work, then give them a couple months off. Three-year-olds should really just be getting started, getting to know what a rider is, and then having lots of breaks so they have fun.

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