Rollback, Vol. 65 – The Latest and Greatest in the Horse World and Beyond

The Greatest.

“Nearly five months ago, event rider Justine Dutton was attacking the three-star cross-country course as the trailblazer for Team Great Britain at the Nations Cup at Great Meadow in The Plains, Va. Justine remembers her horse, Kathleen Cuca’s Jak My Style, jumping quite well – until he wasn’t.

That day, she suffered the worst fall of her life.

Justine still has no memory of the rotational fall that landed her in the Intensive Care Unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Alexandria, Va. with a concussion, a collapsed lung, several broken ribs, and a broken collarbone. Miraculously, Jak My Style was unharmed in the accident.” Read more here.


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Junior Rider Round Table: Should Rider Attire Be More Athletic?

“The April 2017 FEI Sports Forum hosted a discussion on show jumping rider uniform. U.S. show jumping chef d’equipe Robert Ridland advocated that as riders are athletes, the emphasis should be less on tradition and more on functionality and athletic appearance. We asked junior riders what they think on the topic, and how important traditional riding dress is to them.” Read more here

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