In the Magazine: Junior Culture – Teenagers Growing Up Fast

Excerpt from the November 2017 issue of Heels Down Magazine.

By Justine Griffin and Patricia da Silva

Being a teenager fumbling through high school is hard enough on an average day. But compound that with a full-time training schedule and a winter season spent showing horses hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, and you’ve got the dilemma that many young equestrians face these days.

It’s a substantial sacrifice that teen riders who want to compete seriously at the top of the sport are well-versed in. Homecoming dances and intramural sports are the first things that go out the window if you want to be competitive on the show circuit. Balancing the responsibilities of school, horses and a demanding show schedule is forcing teen riders to grow up a lot faster than their peers.

That choice doesn’t come without adult-like consequences, however.

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