In the Magazine: Ride Beyond the Score

Excerpt from the November 2017 issue of Heels Down Magazine.

By Jeremy Steinberg

The other day, I asked one of my clinic students – who is also my friend – what she would be working on in her daily riding with her regular trainer if she didn’t have a horse show to focus on.

She looked at me in bewilderment and confusion.  

She wasn’t the only one. As I stood in the arena all day to teach, rider after rider came in and told me how their last horse show went, what the judge’s comments were, and what they wanted to work on in order to improve their scores. Everyone at this particular barn knows me well enough, so it’s never a surprise to them when we work on the things that I prioritize as more important issues than what happened at a show. Instead of working on test movements, my priorities are usually about getting the horses more through, on the bit in general, accepting the contact or the rider’s hand, and learning to sit more independently.

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