Rollback Vol 62: The Latest and Greatest in the Horse World and the Real World

The Greatest.

“It comes in many forms, but when witnessing unsettling moments or situations, it feels like time slows down to allow you to ask yourself, “Do I do something?”

Is this any of my business? Am I qualified to speak up? If I don’t say something, someone else will, right?

The thing about this sport is that so many people are here for the horses. They’re not here for the accolades, or to win, or for money and even if they are (God help them), it doesn’t necessarily mean that their horses got the short end of the stick. Sometimes, quite the contrary.

When the pressure is on and pride is on the line, however, even well-intentioned people make mistakes.” Read more here.

Adrienne Lyle went from a cattle farm to the Olympics – find out how in the November issue of Heels Down Magazine.


Equestrian || Do you know how to fall off safely? We put LandSafe’s training to the test.  @HorseJunkiesUnited

Barn Life || Check out this little rider, who was the actress who played a young Wonder Woman in this summer’s blockbuster hit.  @HeelsDownMag

Horses || It’s that time of year: here are some tips to up your clipping gamethis winter season.  @HorseJunkiesUnited

Royalty || These photos of the Queen of England meeting the drum horse, Big Red, will melt your heart. | @DailyMail

Real Estate ||  How the other half lives: Look at these gorgeous photos of a $17M polo estate for sale in Wellington.  @PBPost

Viral || When your chicken is chilly, put a sweater on ’em, and egg production will sky rocket. | @CBS

Sport || We all know horse yoga is a thing. But here’s somebody who does it really, really well. @Horse&Hound

Business || Don’t miss this hilarious review of the “Dog Parker” aka an app based “prison” where you can leave your dog while you shop.  | @Outline

Culture || Do kids think of sperm donors as family? | @TEDTalk 

Consumer || Norway is building Europe’s first underwater restaurant, and you’ve got to see these stunning photos.@TIME

Animals  ||  For an endangered animal, a hurricane or fire could mean the end.  | @NYT

Civics || Is $100,000 the new middle class in America? | @WaPo

Science || Surrogate… cows? lsraelis are planing a surrogate cow farm in India to help boost milk production. @Bloomberg

Download the November issue for a chance to win Equiline S1 Safety stirrups The winner will be selected at random among all entries.


Soothing a Friend’s Grief

“Grief is hard. Unlike a tide, regardless of how it feels like you’ve been washed over too many times by crashing waves, grief isn’t predictable. There’s no timetable for how long it might take for dire circumstance to hit you, knock you over, and leave you breathless. You might not see it coming, but it does, and with it comes wave after wave. Battered and breathless, grief is a tumultuous thing we often don’t realize is pressing down on us until we can’t breathe.” Read more here.

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