The November Issue Is Here: Adrienne Lyle Followed a Dream with Commitment

A dream is just that – a dream – without commitment to following through, and that’s exactly that Adrienne Lyle has done to turn hers into reality. It was destiny, neatly coupled with dedication and support from those around her, that really skyrocketed Adrienne from a West Coast cattle ranch to the world stage – all before she turned 30.

Rhythm, suppleness, contact/connection, impulsion, straightness, collection: the training pyramid that riders swear by. But what does it actually mean? We break down the six components that aim to promote correct training and welfare for the horse.

You’re having a bit of difficulty during your ride. Should your trainer get on your horse to help correct the problem? There are opposing schools of thought here, and we look at it from each angle.

Acupuncture seems to be a popular go-to as an alternative method of healing. But does this ancient Chinese medicine practice actually work?

Supplementing our horses’ diets is a common practice, but is there such a thing as over-supplementing? We brought in some experts to weigh in on this topic.

And what happens when you’re a teenage rising star? As if fumbling through high school wasn’t difficult enough, adding on a full-time training and competition schedule and you’ve got one heck of a junior rider culture. How are young riders handling this added pressure to grow up so soon?

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