In the Magazine: Should You Let Your Horse Be Used in Lessons?

Excerpt from the October 2017 issue of Heels Down Magazine.

A common way that riders can lower the cost of keeping their horse at a boarding facility is by allowing it to be used in other lessons at their barn.

While this is certainly a great option for the owner (and maybe even the horse, if the owner does not have the time to ride the horse consistently), there are benefits and detriments to allowing your horse to be used in your barn’s lesson program.

Obviously, the biggest benefit is that you will probably get a cut on the board you are paying to keep your horse at the facility, or perhaps you will get paid a certain amount per lesson your horse is used. Either way, you are receiving a financial benefit, making it easier for you to keep your horse.

But what are some of the drawbacks and how can you protect yourself and your horse?


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