The October Issue Is Here: Georgina Bloomberg Sticks Up for Animal Welfare

She may be a decorated show jumper and have numerous accomplishments to her name both in and out of the show ring, but Georgina Bloomberg doesn’t use these to define herself. At her core, Georgina is an animal lover, and she’s using her platform to give animals a voice when they otherwise wouldn’t have one. In this month’s issue of Heels Down Magazine, we delve into Georgina’s animal welfare initiatives and what she’s doing to change rescue animals’ lease on life.

It’s just as much nurture as it is nature when it comes to producing young horses. We got an inside look at Bruce Davidson Sr.’s training methods that have brought him much success in the sport of eventing with horses he has started himself.

We dive headfirst into the weight debate, which is a heated subject that is many are uncomfortable to discuss. Rider weight is a controversial topic, but in the day and age of body shaming and cyberbullying, it’s even more sensitive among young riders.

Dressage tests are full of opportunities to impress the judges and earn as many points as you can. We’re armed with a whole arsenal of tips to boost your dressage score by improving your test-riding technique.

You’re on course and you have a terrible jump mid-way through — what do you do to keep the course from completely unraveling? We got outside of our own heads and got some insight on how to keep your mental game strong when things aren’t going to plan.

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