In the Magazine: Why Is Everything in Equestrian Sport So Complicated?

Excerpt from the September issue of Heels Down Magazine.

By Victoria Spicer

I very much doubt Avril Lavigne was referring to the horse world in her 2002 hit song, Complicated, but she raises a valid point. When it comes to equestrian sport, why do we have to go and make things so complicated?

At its origins, horse sport was simple: it required a rider to pilot a horse from point A to point B in the fastest time. A few hundred years down the line and the use of horses in competition has spread to multiple disciplines, each with their own rules, quirks, complicated terms and a myriad of competitive series. It’s difficult enough to outline the basic elements of our sport to a newcomer, let alone explain the complexities. Which begs the question: if we want horse sport to appeal to the wider public, do we need to simplify our sport?

The sheer volume of competitions in the modern equestrian calendar makes it tricky for even a die-hard fan to keep track. There’s World Cups and Nations Cups with their own finals and qualification systems. There’s the Global Champions Tour and the newer Global Champions League; there’s Longines Masters and Event Rider Masters and World Dressage Masters, all of which have their own rules to master.

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