In the Magazine: Is It Safe to Ride While Pregnant?

Excerpt from the September issue of Heels Down Magazine.

Dressage trainer Andi Patzwald was accustomed to riding multiple horses a day before she became pregnant with her son. Training horses was her livelihood. So she continued to ride well into her first pregnancy, and even after she was thrown from a young horse when she was four-and-a-half months along.

“That was very scary for me,” said Andi, a 31-year-old trainer from Wadsworth, Ill., who has brought horses along to the Grand Prix level. Her son, Henry, is now seven months old. “I sent the young horse to another trainer to ride for the duration of my pregnancy. But I continued to ride the horses I felt comfortable with and safe on.”

“I’ve only been pregnant the one time, but to be honest, I think I would be more conservative the second time around now that I have my son and it’s a little more ‘real’ what a miracle he was growing inside of me,” she confessed.

Riding while pregnant has been a hot button issue for women equestrians in the past. But the stigma around it seems to be softening, thanks to top riders who have embraced the balance of being a soon-to-be mother but still a professional with a job to do.


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