In the Magazine: Explaining Sheath Cleaning to Your Boyfriend

Excerpt from the August issue of Heels Down Magazine.

When I first started dating my now-husband, he knew nothing about horses. Like many of the boys I had dated before him, Alex was wary of meeting my big black Hanoverian mare, Belinda. She was tall and stout and never really affectionate. It was easy to see how she could be intimidating to a boy who knew nothing about these thousand-pound animals.

Despite Belinda’s mareish, stony exterior, she was a gentle and patient teacher for Alex. With Belinda, he learned how to put on a halter the right way, when it was appropriate to say “whoa” and to not let her hand graze when she had a bit in her mouth. He grew pretty comfortable around her, for the most part.

So when I bought my 6-year-old OTTB, Alex assumed he would be best buddies with the goofy gelding in no time. After years of getting to know Belinda, Alex strutted around the barn with a false sense of confidence that he knew everything he needed to know about taking care of horses.

That is, until he learned the hard way what sheath cleaning was all about.

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