In the Magazine: Riders, Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Excerpt from the August issue of Heels Down Magazine.

How Bob Hughes captures horse sports for live television

By Caroline Culbertson

It’s not every day that you see eventing or show jumping on a major television network like NBC, but when you do, it’s probably thanks to Carr-Hughes Productions and specifically, Bob Hughes.

“We don’t do traditional sports. Carr-Hughes Productions has never done basketball, baseball, football or a hockey game – ever,” Bob said. “We have defined our ability by going in to take on sports that are unique.’”

Bob is the executive producer of the (formerly known as) Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event broadcast on NBC, which Carr-Hughes has produced 16 of the 17 years it’s been filmed. He also served as the broadcast liaison for the FEI World Cup in Omaha this year. In addition, Carr-Hughes produces every major horse race for big networks except the Triple Crown. For equestrian fans and athletes, it’s a moment for their sport to be in the spotlight on a major television network.

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