Dressage Digest: Why Brittany Fraser Uses Cavaletti Twice a Week for Her Grand Prix Horse, Presented by Wahl

I do cavaletti work a lot. I probably do it at least twice a week. We put them in grids and we do extended walk over the cavaletti, we do collected walk over the cavaletti, to strengthen the walk. We also passage over the cavaletti. In the Grand Prix, when you passage and then piaffe and then passage, we set up a grid where the horses go over the poles doing that and that really strengthens them. It’s usually about 3’ between each pole for that, but it depends on the horse’s stride, really. That’s why it’s so important to have someone on the ground helping you to set the proper distance. Only like 3 or 4 poles in a row. It actually makes them learn their own balance. For horses that like to get lateral in the walk, it’s great to do walking cavaletti.

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