Thursday Trends: Pro Multi-tasking with Frankie Cameron

For many equestrians, life is one big balancing act. Whether you’re trying to juggle competition schedules for multiple horses, a full-time job, kids, or any combination of the above, it’s always a test of just how good we are at multi-tasking.

With a new line of versatile and easy care handcrafted bags, Frankie Cameron is becoming the go to resource for busy equestrians. Offering a full line of unique handbags, diaper bags, totes and clutches, Frankie Cameron can go straight from the barn to the daycare, taking one less hassle out of a busy day.

KEP Italia Helmet
Animo Breeches
Athletux Equine “Inspire Greatness” Tee
Frankie Cameron Butterscotch Braid Bag
Frankie Cameron Aqua Stripe Clutch

And the latest issue of Heels Down Magazine.

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