The typical online publication’s business model of offering free content and filling it with advertising has resulted in a cacophony of banner ads, pop up banners, ads before videos…There are so many ads that readers are tuning them out. To make things worse, since the release of Apple’s iOS 9, consumers can opt-out and block online ads with Ad Blocker apps. For the equestrian marketer, it is becoming harder and harder to cut through the noise.

Have you considered mobile?


Heels Down Magazine is a mobile app that immerses readers offering an engaging reading experience. The ads are interactive and allow readers to purchase the products directly on their tablet or phone. Our creative team works with brands to create advertisements with features that will get you noticed and bring you results.

Here are some examples of Heels Down Magazine’s technical features.

Heels Down Magazine provides exciting ways to reach an influential market. Monthly issues are delivered directly to smartphones and tablets through the Heels Down Magazine app, available on iTunes AppStore and Google Play for Android devices. Once downloaded, the content can be viewed without wi-fi; perfect to enjoy at the barn, horse show or on the plane.

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