Tuesday Tunes: Go Girls!

While we females are very fortunate (well not when trying to find a prom date, but most of the time) to compete in a female dominated yet co-ed sport. In many parts of the world females are still looked down on as unequal to men. Even in American music, women are still somewhat objectified.

If you’re a country fan like me, then you’ve heard your fair share of songs by male artists talking about “shaking it” (looking at you Luke) on truck beds. Most of the time I’m totally fine with it because I think I’m a pretty good dancer and like to get my groove on. But after a whole it starts to feel quite repetitive and demeaning. So here’s a fun song that will get you shaking it for female empowerment…probably still on a truck bed. C’mon, we all know they’re a perfect impromptu stage.

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