The July Issue Is Here: From Groom to Pro Rider, Megan Kepferle Takes Charge of Her Own Destiny

First she was a pro groom, then she turned her sights on becoming a pro eventer. Megan Kepferle knows what she needs to be happy — and it’s not just a star-studded riding resume.

Boldness matters! Canadian eventer Selena O’Hanlon gives tips on creating boldness and confidence in a horse.

We take an in-depth look into the importance of transitions in a dressage test and how to improve the crisp factor in your test.

NAJYRC gold medallist Caitlyn Shiels opens up about winning two show jumping gold medals and how it takes a lot more than talent alone to make it to the top.

Is Depo hurting your horse? We take a look at the controversial Depo-Provera debate making waves in the horse industry.

We’ve got the latest riding-body workouts, the best at home exercises for your horse, and much more waiting for you in the July issue of Heels Down Magazine. Don’t forget, the first issue for new subscribers is FREE for 30 days!

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